Commonly Asked Questions for Treatments & Trainings


YES. One of my unique points of difference is appreciating the outcomes students get when provided with one on one classes. Can you believe my very first training I ever took when I was learning, I was one of over 20 in the room.

I learnt a valuable lesson that very first day in the industry which I have continued to honour.

Yes I do offer off-site training. The cost of travel and accommodation will be added to the quote.

Yes, all countries have their own rules and regulations but as long as I am able to meet these I have no issue with training overseas. Please make contact if you would be interesting in hosting myself in your clinic or training school.

This is such an amazing industry. It’s hard work but can also be very rewarding. However training is so important and can vary hugely. Teaching is a specialised area in itself and it happens to be something I am particularly passionate about. My only advice is to talk to others in the industry, message some of my students, look at their work and see for yourself why they chose me and continue to support me.

Yes of course I do. As long as the full final payment is made before the course day you are welcome to arrange a payment plan.

For my existing/past students, this programme allows them to keep a close level of personal contact with me to ensure the best feedback and support system.

For clients who may not yet have been able to attend my trainings due to travel, it allows them to access my one on one support and feedback system. It does not replace training but it is a great start when time and distance are a big issue. Sometimes you just need a pep-talk, some guidance and a bit of care by someone who knows what they are doing. That just turns out to be one of my favourite parts (helping you see your value and skill)!

Yes that is in the pipeline, all good things take time they say. There will be some snackable, free online content to complement a variety of beautifully designed and reasonably priced online courses coming soon that will share a few of my signature techniques.

Well that’s where this all started actually.

I had become a Royal artist and was being asked if I could run trainings by potential students. After working with New Zealand skins in this line of work for four years I quickly realised that there are actually very few New Zealand skins that can be microbladed year after year and hold the integrity of the skin and quality of work.

My moral compass and skin knowledge doesn’t allow me to teach something that I don’t believe is good for the skin long term.

Therefore, I focus on a beautiful ombré or powder brow and my clients and students get an even more natural look! Check out client pics and praise here!


Short answer? Hardly. You will experience very minimal to no discomfort during all PMU treatments. I use a fantastic numbing gel which 99% of clients say they felt nothing but a little scratch for a minute or two.

No. For best healed results I recommend that you DO NOT exercise for 7 days after the treatment (to let the pigment settle).

YES! Actually this is one of my specialty’s. My signature ombré brow can be designed very, very soft to begin with. At your second session we can always add more colour if you decide you would like a deeper look. All this will be discussed in full before we start the treatment.

My clients always leave surprised and extremely satisfied that I was able to achieve such a soft look.

You are able to take paracetamol only. No aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen please. The treatments are normally so comfortable there is also no need for these.

No I recommend not. Both products can thin the blood ultimately affecting your body’s ability to cope with the procedure and its ability to retain the pigment in the skin.

Don’t stress though, you can celebrate beautiful brows, lips or lashes with a glass of wine as you are free to consume either of these products immediately after treatment(s)!

Yes I sure do ! It is standard practice to complete a consultation prior to booking PMU treatments as you are be required to fill out a basic medical questionnaire. However, if you know exactly what you want, this step can be replaced with a streamlined vetting form. I will make contact if there are any issues from there.

Consultations can be completed in the salon, online or over the phone! If you decide to go ahead with the treatment following the consultation, the cost of the consult will become complimentary. If you decide not to book the consult fee will be charged.

I like to take my time so allow for 3 hours in total. On an average day, it would take more like 2-2.5 hrs but no one likes to feel rushed and I would hate for a client to feel that way.

PMU treatments can last between 12-24 months depending on the exact technique and service I’m completing and how diligent the client is with their after-care. At that point a yearly touch up session will be required to keep them looking fresh.

Yes please talk to me and we can work out the best plan and make sure you’re kept safe and in good health. Your safety always comes before monetary gain.

I’m so sorry but no :(. There are machines, cords, hot wax and other safety hazards around the place. While you are on the bed and I’m concentrating there is no safe way to have children in the salon. No matter how good kids can be they all have their off days, and no one wants their brow girl working under pressure when the little cutie just won’t sleep like we thought.